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Ghosthunters: The Warrens

For decades Ed and Lorraine Warren claimed to investigate paranormal phenomena, confronting the forces of darkness with the power of faith. They've inspired numerous films and become a part of American folklore -- so how much of their story is true? See more »

Superstars and Satan: Music and the Occult

Why have rumors of dark arts so often dogged musicians? Have any of the rock stars of yesteryear ever actually believed they contacted the underworld? Join Ben, Noel and Matt as they explore the murky relationship between music and the occult. See more »

STDWYTK Presents: A Ghost Story

It's here! After an overwhelming wave of emails and messages from listeners, Matt and Ben are finally presenting, in full, the the ghost story from the first episode of listener mail. Tune in and check it out. See more »

Exorcisms: An Introduction

You're probably familiar with the horror film version of exorcisms: a righteous priest reciting holy verses as a demon-possessed person writhes and exhibits unholy powers. But what are exorcisms, really? How do they function across cultures? Is there any proof that they're real? Join Ben and Matt to find out. See more »

Ghosts 101

Stories of ghosts predate written history, and cultures around the world believe in one form of spirit or another. But why? If there's no currently accepted scientific proof that ghosts exists, then what are millions of people around the world claiming to see? Join Ben and Matt as they explore ghosts and the afterlife. See more »