stdwytk-audio-robots-stock-market-still-660 Could robots really run the world?

Is it possible that one day all the world's decisions will be made by AI?

rsz_1024px-forex Can people purposefully collapse the stock market?

Is it possible that someone has been playing both sides of the financial fence, seeking to destabilize markets for their own purposes?

rsz_basilica_of_st_ignatius_in_loyola The Jesuits: Fact and Fiction

The ascendance of Pope Francis has led to a revival of Jesuit conspiracy theories. But why? Who are the Jesuits, exactly?

rsz_tunguska_ereignis Fire in the Sky: Tunguska

What triggered the massive explosion over Tunguska in 1908? Join Matt, Ben, and special guest Joe McCormick as they take a closer look at one of the most mysterious catastrophes in history.

stdwytk-audio-ngos-still-660 Are NGOs the tools of foreign agents?

They're supposed to help people across the planet -- so why doesn't everyone trust NGOs?

stdwytk-audio-killing-scientists-still-660 Are people really murdering scientists?

From Iran to London, it seems that being a scientist has become an increasingly dangerous occupation.

stdwytk-audio-anonymous-net-still-660 (2) Can you really be anonymous online?

In today's episode, our friends at TechStuff join us for a closer look at the tricky business of staying anonymous on the internet, as well as the facts about the NSA's surveillance program.

stdwytk-audio-the-ghost-story-still-660 STDWYTK Presents: A Ghost Story

It's here! After an overwhelming wave of emails and messages from listeners, Matt and Ben are finally presenting, in full, the the ghost story from the first listener mail episode.

SONY DSC Gabon’s Ancient Nuclear Reactor(s)

File this under "stranger than fiction": In more than a dozen sites across Gabon, scientists have found evidence of ancient nuclear reactors. How ancient? Try two billion years. But how did this happen? Why?

rsz_680px-habakkuk_pesher Banned Books of the Bible

Although most people might assume that the Bible has always existed in its present state, that answer couldn't be any further from the truth. Tune in to learn more about how the bible has changed over time -- including what got added in, taken out and why.

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