stdwytk-audio-oil-still-660 Big Oil: Conspiracies and You

We always hear stories about Big Oil and other conspiracies, but are any of these true?

stdwytk-audio-tpp-still-660 What is the TPP?

Sure, the Trans-Pacific Partnership sounds like a snoozefest... but why does it matter? Why should you care about this secretive international agreement?

stdwytk-audio-stonehenge-still-660 What the heck is Stonehenge?

It's ancient, it's huge, and it's cited in all sorts of fringe theories, from stories of lost civilizations to ley lines and more. But what is Stonehenge, really?

rsz_1024px-usps_post_office_boxes_1 Listener Mail Extravaganza

Have you written to the guys on Facebook or Twitter? Sent an email? Then tune in as they answer your questions and more on air in this special listener mail edition of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know.

stdwytk-audio-war-on-drugs-still-660 Who’s winning the War on Drugs?

From the Opium Wars to prohibition and the modern drug trade, human civilization has been irreversibly influenced by wars over drugs. Has it worked? Could it ever?

rsz_watain_27_03_2014_08 Are there real devil worshippers?

rsz_800px-jack_opct27lantern_spectacular_pct2811590756306pct29 THE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

Join Ben and Matt for a very special episode of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, from conspiracy theories to spooky stories, listener mail and more.

rsz_800px-jimjones1977 Do intelligence agencies run cults?

Sure, cults are weird. The doomsday prophecies, claims of superpowers and tendency toward brainwashing are all strange, but what if the situation got even weirder? What if intelligence agencies were secretly involved with everything from the Manson family to the People's Temple and more? Tune in to learn more.

rsz_800px-home_life_of_peasants_compared_to_the_middle_class_wellcome_v0050345 Is the middle class going extinct?

It's no secret that inequality is rising in countries around the world, but what does this mean for the future? What is the middle class, exactly -- and why do some people believe it's going extinct?

stdwytk-audio-robots-stock-market-still-660 Could robots really run the world?

Is it possible that one day all the world's decisions will be made by AI?

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